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Personal PR/branding

Personal PR/ Personal branding?

What is personal PR/ Personal branding

Personal PR is about how you present yourself to others.

Personal brand is a composite message that represents who you are, what you do and how well you do it.

Why should you care about personal PR/branding

It represents your unique promise of value, what makes you different

It helps people uniquely identify with you,have something that people can relate you with, recognize you with, envision you etc

Smart companies understand that a positive public image is no accident. They must make PR a proactive part of company strategy by establishing, communicating, and nurturing the image they want to present. This is why most companies have either an internal public relations department or use an outside public relations firm.

Why is it any different for you as an individual? It is important that we consider how others view us, both inside and outside of our companies, and what we can do to influence that view. How you are perceived can mean the difference between keeping your job and losing it, getting a business and losing it, etc

A key element to a good public relations plan is getting noticed. There are  a few  practical Scenarios you can use to influence how you are viewed by others. Each one of these scenarios can increase your exposure, which can produce enhanced respect, new job assignments, a promotion, or even a new job.

1st Lesson: How do you want to be perceived?
Let’s look at how companies approach PR. First, most companies identify the image they want to project. Do they want to be perceived as innovative, reliable, cost-effective, or customer focused?

If that sounds like a mission statement, it should. Good marketing programs are consistent with, and grow from, the company’s stated mission.

Do you have a personal mission statement? As an individual, you should have a specific idea of how you want to be perceived. Some of the attributes listed above will also apply to individuals.

Your personal mission statement should be brief and specific.

From that, you should build a list of corollaries that outline the specific attributes you want to have recognized. Make sure that they are realistic and achievable—just stating them does not make them so. Good corollaries include the following factors:

  • Timely
  • Relevant
  • Approachable
  • Aligned with company objectives

Your mission statement and its corollaries can guide you in determining whether the activities and behaviors you exhibit each day contribute to or detract from the image you are looking to project.

2nd Lesson: Blow your own horn
Most of us are not accustomed to self-promotion. We have been told that we should modestly go about our jobs and that performance will be recognized on its own merits. In general, I believe this to be true. However there are practical, subtle ways to promote yourself.

When you do something that is consistent with your list of attributes, communicate it. For example, if one of your attributes is timeliness, then when you complete a key deliverable, send out an e-mail detailing the completion to those who are interested. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should send out an e-mail to your entire contact list every time you cross an item off of your to-do list. The key is to communicate significant events or activities to those people who are either concerned with the activity or with your personal performance.

Sample Story: A successful professional has a very subtle tool. She uses a white board in her office to record her major priorities but makes sure that she always has a few on the list that are checked as complete. This helps people who come to her office understand not only what projects she has on her plate, but also gives her visitors an idea of her recent priorities. The subtle impact is that you always have the sense that she is organized and effective.

Sell yourself, do not wait to be recognized.
3rd Lesson : Use e-mail for personal PR
Closely connected to lesson two is your use of e-mail as a communications tool. E-mail is a powerful way to increase your exposure at a very low personal cost. Regular, brief (one- to two-sentence) updates via e-mail to a larger audience are much more effective than rambling status reports that are distributed to a smaller group, especially if the updates are distributed as hard copy.

Keep in mind that, in most companies, people like to be kept “in the loop” even if they are not directly involved in a project. You increase your stature if you communicate effectively.

4th Lesson : Volunteering equals positive exposure
One easy way to increase your profile is to volunteer for assignments before they are assigned. When done correctly, you plant the image that you are a “go-getter.” The danger here is that you will be perceived as a “teacher’s pet” (or worse) by your coworkers.

There are myriad opportunities to volunteer in just about any organization. Opportunities include volunteering for charity work, offering to take a visiting dignitary to dinner, or volunteering to coordinate the company outdoor activities.

5th Lesson : Speak up
Take advantage of every opportunity you have to speak. I’m not advocating standing up and making a prepared speech (although there is a time and place for that as well), but you should vocalize your thoughts and opinions in meetings, even if it’s just to agree. People who can eloquently but succinctly state their opinions in a meeting environment are perceived as performers, while those who sit quietly often go unnoticed, no matter how strong a performer they are back at their desk.

6th Lesson: Long term benefits
These tips will not guarantee you a promotion. In fact, indiscriminate application of these concepts will probably have you branded as an arrogant loudmouth. But careful management of how you present yourself and the work that you do will have long-term benefits. The key is in visioning how you want to be perceived, then making sure that you project an image that matches that vision.”

Always remember: Change starts with you.You are the change you want to see

Additional information in regards to the above article:

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Customers Expectations

On Customer Care:

We satisfy our customers when we meet their expectation and disappoint them when we do not meet their expectations.

This leads to my question??

Do we really know what our customers expect at every stage of their interaction with our organizations?

Customer Expectation– Is perceived value that client seeks from the purchase of a product or service, a perception influenced by experience, advertisements and competitor awareness.

When this happens, most in management think, that if a client is disappointed a front line staff is responsible. Unfortunately this is not the case “Most customer disappointments go beyond the frontline staff and mirror unmet expectations from various corners of the organization.

John A. Goodman, In his book “ Strategic customer service “ states that 50-60 per cent of unmet expectations are from defective products or services, misleading marketing messages, ineffective policies, or broken internal processes, with employee mistakes contributing only 20-30 per cent and customer errors and unreasonable expectations accounting for remaining 20-30 per cent.

Putting in mind, that bad news spreads faster than good news, dissatisfied clients share experiences with 9-12 other persons while those whose expectations are exceeded tell 3-4 persons. This is where Smart companies seek to understand their customers’ expectations. Therefore developing a system for capturing and managing unmet expectations and use this feedback to improve their product and service quality.

According  to Lucy Kiruthu, Customer Service Consultant, Setting a Customer Service department, does not sort out unmet expectations, this has led many organizations today not to reap the full benefits of a well thought out customer focused strategy.

A Customer Service Department key role is to be the main point of contact for customers, to feed back the organization on unmet expectations and their causes with everyone in the organization playing their part to meet customer expectations.

In Support of the article, A must read is the Success Story of Enterprise Rent A Car in Kirk Kazanjian’s book titled “Exceeding Customer Expectations”

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Social Sites that expand your professional network.

Whether you work from home, constantly on the go, or chained to a desk all day there are numerous social sites that provide welcome relief for all kinds of productive networking and indulgent socializing.

Meettheboss {}- is a social networking site where management professionals share ideas and content.

Freelance witch {}-site enables freelancers keep abreast of news and trends in the self employment world, find freelance work and network in this site.

Business sites { LINKEDLN (}: Keep up with your business contacts deals and marketing through these sites. is one of the most popular social sites for business professionals who are serious about making connections that matter.

Small Business brief {}: site for small business owners that combines networking and marketing.

Organisation and personal growth sites 43things {}: sites that help you stay organized and keep track of your personal goals.List your goals and meet others on a similar journey through this group.

Diigo {}: this site lets you collaborate on projects, share annotations, create groups and more.

Instructables {}:teaches you how to do anything by reading online tutorials and asking friends for advice.

Finance sites,Cake financial {}:site helps you organize your finances and keep up with trading news,is an investment support  site that brings together a healthy interactive community for learning about what to do with your money.

Marketing watch community {}:site helps you get industry news, and join up with other finance minded people here.

Wesabe{}:site helps you to track your budget, organize your finances, get quality finance tips, and meet others who are trying to be wiser about money.

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Catarina’s world-International Writer

Read more about her on:

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Today ‘s Qoute

“The essence of synergy is to value differences, to respect them, to build on strengths, to compensate on weaknesses”.

Good day

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Want to get ahead? Top people that should be in your network

A)     THE MENTOR– The Person who has reached a level of success you aspire to have.

B)      THE COACH– helps with critical decisions and transitions and offer an objective perspective with no strings attached.

C)      THE TRENDSETTER– someone outside of your chosen industry who always has the latest buzz, it can be on any topic that you find interesting.

D)     THE CONNECTOR-Person who has access to people resources and information, as soon as they come across something related to you, they are sending you an email or picking up the phone.

E)      THE IDEALIST-This is the person in your network you can dream with. No matter how “out there” your latest idea is, this is the person who will help you brainstorm ways to make it happen. Without judgment, they are focused on helping you flesh out your dreams even if you do not have a solid plan yet.

F)      THE INDUSTRY INSIDER-This person will keep you informed of what’s happening now and what the next big thing is.

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